Division of Benefit w/Ex-Spouse

LSPRS benefits are considered community property and are subject to division with a former spouse.  LSPRS will not write a separate check to a former spouse unless an official copy of an approved domestic relations court order has been provided to the system. Otherwise, the retiree, not LSPRS, will be liable for any amounts due a former spouse. If you do not intend to divide benefits with a former spouse, consult an attorney to be certain that a proper settlement has been reached. Leaving the issue unsettled by not addressing your LSPRS benefit in a community property settlement may result in additional complications when addressed later. It is suggested that you submit a copy to LSPRS for review prior to requesting court approval. If the document is approved and does not properly comply with LSPRS statutes, this may result in complications with complying with the order. LSPRS can provide an example of appropriate language upon request.


A sample QDRO can be found here.

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