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This program allows you to enter data to calculate an unofficial projection of your retirement benefits. This is not an official estimate. The calculator uses the data you input and does not compare that data against your actual account. The accuracy of your pension estimate will depend on how closely the data entered by you now matches your information at retirement.

The benefit estimates generated by this calculator are not guaranteed benefits. These calculations are merely estimated, and the actual pension benefit you are entitled to as a member of LSPRS is determined by applicable laws as well as finalized service credit, earnings, and leave balances at the time you retire.

Please provide the requested information. Your retirement eligibility requirements are determined by your date of hire as is your final average compensation. This calculator can give you an estimate of your normal retirement benefits. It can not provide DROP or IBO estimates. Further, this estimator can not provide calculations for any individuals who are eligible to retire under special interest legislation (recalculations, longevity increases, etc.). You may contact the LSPRS office to request such estimates.

Enter date of hire //
Enter estimated date of retirement //
Enter hours of annual leave
Enter hours of sick leave
Purchased transfer service in years Rate
Purchased military service in years
Enter Final Monthly Average Comp
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State Police Service
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Your estimated monthly retirement benefit will be:

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